Frequently Asked Questions

Do you maintain braids?

Yes we can maintain your braids for you only if it has been originally done by us.

Do you have a price list?

Yes, only in store. When you call, we can only give you an estimate.

I am missing hair in some part of my scalp, can you still braid?

Yes we can. We will try the best to cover all the parts that do no have hair and make it look natural.

What type of hair do you provide?

We do provide synthetic hair (100% kanlekalon which is the best texture in the fiber industry). We do not provide Human Hair. If you want to have the micro braids done with human hair, you will have to provide 2 packs of human hair. They have to be long enough to cover your natural hair. One pack must be 2 inches longer.

Can I wash my braids?

We do not advise our customers to shampoo their braids within the first 2 weeks. It will just loose its shininess. You may use hair spray available at most beauty supplies to keep your braids shiny. You may also lightly dry shampoo your braids the 3rd week and thereafter.

I just had my single braids in about 2 weeks and they look old. Why is that?

This should not have happened unless you wash your braids within the first 2 weeks. This might also happen if your natural hair grows fast.

I have a bob braids style and I want to turn it as a pixy. Will it be possible?

No it’s not possible because before any skilled braider starts with your style she/he has to plan how the foundation and the roots should be.

I had my long braids done a week ago. I want to have them shorten now. Will it be possible?

Yes it’s possible but we do not recommend that practice because before any skilled braider starts with your style she/he has to plan how the foundation and the roots should be. Any modification there after might not show a satisfactory result.

Is having braids economic?

Yes it is. Usually you will keep your braids for long time once you have it, compare to how much you will spend every 2 weeks at the hair salon.

Do you cut or put glue on natural hair?

No We do not cut hair and we do not put glue on natural hair at all. We will only clean the hair extension and we will only put glue on the hair extension at around 2 inches pass your natural hair length.

My Appointment is at t o’clock: Will you start my braid exactly at t o’clock when I get there?

This depends on the amount of appointment we have on schedule that particular day. Please do understand that we are service provider and we operate like that doctor office you know of. There is always a prep time when you come in. If you already know what style you want and it’s very slow that day, we will start your braids right away. We might be running behind our regular schedule. In some cases, we will attempt to put 2 braiders to take care of you so they can finish up around the same expected time. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

How long will it take to braid my hair?

It depends on the style you’re looking for. At Super Hair Braiding, any regular single braid will take about 4 to 6 hours to be completed. A skilled braider should not take more than 7 hours to have your hair done unless It’s a micro mini human hair braids style your are getting.

Can I go style my hair to any hair salon?

Yes you can. It’s well recommended to stop at any professional hair salon to have your braids styled. (Especially customers will human hairstyles).

Why are my braids so tight?

Some customers might feel some tightness on their scalp during and after the braiding process. There is a minimum strength and tightness that any skilled braider must use in order to braid your hair. This process is unavoidable at Super Hair Braiding, otherwise your braids will easily fall off and the end result will not be neat. Customers with sensitive scalp will definitely be uncomfortable.

Do I need to perm my hair before getting braids?

No you do not have to. If your hair is already perm, it’s OK. You can still have your hair braided at Super Hair Braiding.

How long will I keep my braids?

Individuals braids and Twists can last up to 3 months if well maintained. Corn Rows can last up to 3 weeks if well maintained. Results may vary, depending on your natural hair texture, its length and your scalp's condition.

Will my braids hurt my scalp the first days?

Yes, they will hurt your scalp the first 3 days. Some customers are quite used to that type of pain. Some are not. At your convenience, you can find hair cooler spray in any beauty supply to help you deal with the discomfort. However we do not recommend anybody to wear braids if you have sensitive scalp as this may result to some injuries. Please consult your physician prior to any visit to a braiding salon to avoid any inconvenience.

Will braids help my hair grow?

Yes and No. This depends on the type of your natural hair texture. Some customers with very tiny hair might have their hair break off more while trying to wear braids. Some customers with strong natural hair might see their hair grow after wearing braids for 3 months. The reason is that, you don’t comb your braids so this will at least limit that breakage.

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