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    We offer a variety of Braids that represent the very best and popular styles around the World. Kinkey, Human, Box Braids..

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    • Stay Tune!
    • Stay Tune!
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    At super Hair Braiding, there is always a reason to celebrate! Some discount prices you may take advantage of.


Full Head Highlights

What we believe in!


Super Hair Braiding is a world leader in providing best look styles in the Hair Braiding Industry. Our hair gallery is only specialized in african braids style.

Because Braiding is for you as for us a guarantee of culture and fashion, we have dedicated our time at insuring that the trends stay alive and moreover, all of our efforts and resources are aimed at providing exclusively Hair Braiding services and to create best look of past, today and next generation. We thrive at ensuring our customers' best attires and feeling.


At Super Hair Braiding, we devote our time to each customer, no matter how small the job is!
We will always do our best to replicate the braiding style you have in mind. We take pride with what we do here at Super Hair Braiding.

We pledge to continue doing so by putting our knowledge and many years of experience at your service.


Tel: 301 - 559 - 2940


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